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Embrace the future of compliance with Fidify. Through automated, continuous processes and the power of machine learning, we prioritize user integrity and deliver seamless digital KYC and AML documentation solutions.

The Future of Digital KYC

Introducing an automated and continuous KYC system, a process that never sleeps. By streamlining identity verification processes, Fidify’s KYC software enhances security, reduces operational costs, and minimizes the risk of fraud. 

With Fidify, businesses can provide a seamless and frictionless onboarding experience for clients and users, improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, it enhances compliance with regulatory requirements, fostering trust and integrity in business transactions. 

Embracing Fidify not only saves time and resources but also strengthens the overall integrity and security of the business ecosystem.


KYC Documentation Challenges

In the Fidify digital platform, your AML teams can quickly, easily and safely request and store KYC documentation - and even communicate with clients.


Automated Updates

Avoid problems with legacy data becoming out of date by using Fidify’s automated KYC update process. The system continuously works to keep all documents up-to-date, so clients stay compliant, Fidify software enables automated processes, reducing the time and labor required for repetitive and redundant operations while minimizing the risk of human error. This approach enhances data accuracy, improves customer experience, and strengthens security measures.
 With automated digital KYC updates, businesses can stay ahead of changing compliance landscapes and maintain a robust risk management framework.


Effective AML communications are crucial in today's complex business landscape. Clear and comprehensive AML communications not only demonstrate a commitment to regulatory compliance but also foster trust with stakeholders. With Fidify gain clear procedures to ensure clients stay compliant while running their businesses. Easy communications with the clients and a fully incorporated audit trail allow you to stay one step ahead.
 This builds a strong compliance culture, mitigates risks, protects the reputation of the organization, and helps maintain a safe and secure financial ecosystem for both the business and its customers.


A True Digital Profile

Our goal is building a digital profile of a user by baselining through behavior analysis and machine learning – leading to a KYC that is dynamic and evolving.


Electronic Identification and Signatures

Electronic authentication and e-signatures play a vital role in today´s digital businesses, providing a secure and reliable method to verify the identity of individuals or entities.
 Fidify’s identity verification processes build a digital profile of every user, while prioritizing user integrity. Trust and integrity are the key words behind each eID or e-signature.

To improve security even further, the system creates a true digital, dynamic identity by learning a user’s normal behavior – all in order to be better able to detect fraud or suspicious transactions. We call this baselining.